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An optimal energy quality is of the utmost importance

The right quality of voltage and current (Power Quality) is essential to ensure the reliability of electrical installations on yachts. As a result of the increased use of converters - such as LED lighting and inverters - excessive harmonics may emerge in voltage and current. This can create problems for the safety, reliability and capacity of the electrical installation. A poor Power Quality can reveal itself in the flickering of lights, heat generation, overloading of generators and switchgear and the accelerated aging of connected equipment.

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Specialist on yachts

For over five years, our Active Harmonic Filters are installed on yachts to optimize the electric energy quality. Our clients see the benefits this provides in terms of safety, reliability and capacity. Our engineers are aware of all electrical aspects on yachts. Not only does HyTEPS deliver a product, we also provide services such as Power Quality surveys and measurements, commissioning and service visits.
HyTEPS works closely with Eindhoven University of Technology. Some of our products are installed in the Power Quality lab of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for demonstration and testing purposes. At the Eindhoven University of Technology we regularly provide training for our (potential) customers and we work with some employees of the TU / e in the field of testing (new) products.

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Optimizing the electrical energy quality on yachts

An advanced method to reduce harmonics and keep them within the prescribed norm of 5% THDU is the application of an Active Harmonic Filter. The installation of an Active Harmonic Filter optimizes the Power Quality. The Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) is installed parallel to the installation, which allows harmonic distortions created by multiple devices to be reduced with just one Active Harmonic Filter.

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