Quality and Efficiency

Electricity is not visible. As a result you cannot directly see the quality of electricity. Nowadays it often occurs that the quality of electricity on yachts is inferior. And this while an optimal energy quality is of the utmost importance on yachts. The need for a reliable electricity supply, having the required quality of voltage and current, is increasing tremendously pertaining the increasing problems linked with devices, installations and processes.

Quality of electricity on yachts

The right quality of electricity on yachts is essential to ensure the reliability of the electrical installation. As a result of the increased use of converters - such as LED lighting and inverters - excessive harmonics may emerge in voltage and current, deteriorating the quality of electricity on yachts.

A poor quality of voltage and current - Power Quality - can reveal itself in for example the flickering of lights. But most of the times it is an invisible hazard, hiding, posing an imminent danger to the safety, reliability and capacity of the electrical installation.

Consequences of poor Power Quality are:

  • Overloading of generators and switchgear
  • Capacity losses
  • Malfunctioning of sensitive equipment
  • Shortened life of electrical equipment
  • Disturbance in the accuracy of measuring and security systems
  • Increased temperature in cables, transformers and distributors
  • Energy losses and an increased risk of fire

Improving electrical quality and efficiency on a yacht


Like other products, electrical energy should satisfy certain predefined Power Quality requirements. Proper operation of electrical equipment can be realized if an optimal quality of electrical energy is supplied, which in turn depends on the quality of voltage and current.

To avoid problems, certification companies impose requirements with regards to the maximum harmonic pollution on yachts. A frequent set requirement is a maximum harmonic distortion in the voltage (THDU) of 5%.

HyTEPS specializes in optimizing Power Quality on yachts

For over five years, our Active Harmonic Filters are installed on yachts to optimize the electric energy quality. Our clients see the benefits this provides in terms of safety, reliability and capacity. Our engineers are aware of all electrical aspects on yachts.

We provide insight into the quality of electricity by performing a Power Quality Survey. Based on the data collected during this study we will give optimization advices and, if desired, we provide the products in order to achieve the optimization. To ensure the quality and proper functioning of the equipment for the future, we offer services in the areas of monitoring, inspection and maintenance.

HyTEPS specialist in electrical quality on yachts

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