Energy Storage

Ensure continuity and improve efficiency

The amount of electric power generated on yachts and other offshore installations increased fast the last decades. It is expected that it will continue to rise. Intelligent Energy Storage systems can improve efficiency and reduce costs, especially in installations with a highly fluctuating electrical consumption profile.

Endangered security of supply

Offshore installations are entirely dependent on their own electrical power supplies. Unexpected malfunction or failure of the generators and sudden peaks in energy demand threaten the security of supply. That is why there are always one or more backup generators that idle constantly. This takes a lot of extra fuel, increases maintenance costs and decreases life time.
Energy Storage is of added value for diesel generators

Energy storage is the solution

Our power management and Energy Storage system provides instant electric energy. As the load fluctuates, excess generator power will be stored by our system. The stored energy is used to bridge the start-up time of the auxiliary generator(s). It can even be used as a back-up instead of a generator, allowing operation with fewer generators online. Implementing an Energy Storage system can make a significant contribution to optimizing Power Quality.


Implementing our Energy Storage system results in more efficient generator loading and running hours, lower costs for maintenance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Our lightweight and compact Energy Storage system combines energy storage and power conversion technologies. Because every installation has its own requirements we provide custom-built systems to meet every specific need and demand.
  • Fuel saving
  • Peak shaving
  • Lower emissions
  • More efficient running hours
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Modular/flexible design

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