HyTEPS is your partner for Power Quality consultancy and troubleshooting.
We are specialist in Power Quality both onshore and offshore.

We guide you in securing the continuity and optimizing the capacity, reliability and safety of your electrical installation. Our service goes far beyond delivering a solution. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic employees are there to guide you every step of the way to an optimized electrical installation.

HyTEPS Power Quality services - YACHTS

Total service package

To give you an idea which services are included in the total package of HyTEPS and what we can do for you, we give you a brief summary of our working process:

  • We make an inventory of your questions, wishes and problems.
  • We investigate the quality of voltage and current - Power Quality - by means of specialized measurements.
  • We detect and analyze the presence of, for instance, harmonics, voltage fluctuations and imbalance.
  • We inform you on the Power Quality status and possible improvements in an extensive report.
  • We deliver technologically innovative products to optimize the Power Quality.
  • We offer assistance with the installation of our products (when needed or desired).
  •  We provide commissioning and the corresponding report.
  • We provide inspection, maintenance and service to ensure continued optimum performance of our products.
Electricity is our passion, optimization the art form that we completely control.