Webinar Power Quality on Yachts

Webinar about electrical risks

Do you want to learn more about the possible risks you are facing with regards to the quality of voltage and current – Power Quality – in your electrical installation?
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Major risks due to poor Power Quality

Disturbances, fire risk and overload of equipment are just a few of the examples

The right quality of voltage and current – Power Quality – is essential on yachts. It ensures the realibity, efficiency and safety of the electrical installation. Due to the increased use of converters – such as LED lighting and inverters – excessive harmonics may emerge, deteriorating the quality of electricity on yachts. This threatens the health of your electrical installation and poses major risks.

Possible risks of poor Power Quality are:

  • Overloading of generators and switchgear
  • Capacity losses
  • Malfunctioning of sensitive equipment
  • Shortened life of electrical equipment
  • Energy losses and an increased risk of fire
  • Disturbance in accuracy of measuring & security systems
  • Increased temperature in cables, transformers and distributors

Are you aware of the quality of your electrical installation and the risks and costs involved?

Our webinar Power Quality gives you insight into the risks you are facing.

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