HyTEPS is the expert in optimizing the quality of electricity on yachts.

Prevent malfunctioning - Reduce service costs - Improve efficiency - Increase reliability - Ensure safety

Diminish failures of equipment and prevent flickering lights

Harmonic pollution can also be the culprit to malfunction or failure of equipment. Even the flickering of lights can be caused by harmonics. HyTEPS is an expert in harmonics. We reveal the presence of this hidden polluter and we provide high quality products and solution to get rid of it.

Reduce generator operation hour, fuel consumption and costs

Harmonic pollution not only affects the available capacity of the generator, it also has a negative effect on its operating hours and consequential the fuel consumption. So reducing the pollution is also beneficial to costs and CO2 emissions. HyTEPS is expert in identifying and eliminating harmonics.

Increase available capacity generator and shore converter

As a result of the increased use of converters, pollution by excessive harmonics may emerge in voltage and current. This pollution makes for an inefficient use of the available capacity of the generator and shore converter. HyTEPS reduces harmonics thus increasing efficiency and capacity.

Our service goes far beyond delivering a solution

Our highly qualified and enthusiastic employees are there to guide you every step of the way to an optimized electrical installation. This starts by making an inventory of your questions, wishes and problems and in our opinion our service never ends. Years of experience within both offshore and onshore electrical installations provided us with a profound knowledge and understanding. Every customer, every situation and every problem provides new insights. We use this knowledge and expertise to deliver the best services and solutions to all our relations.

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